About Me

As an overweight child and teen, “healthy” was not a word I really understood. I knew the words “skinny” and “thin.” And I certainly knew the word “fat,” but the word “healthy” was not used very often except to define whether or not we were fighting a cold or flu at the time.

I grew up thinking that weighing less meant eating less and my self value became strongly tied to my weight.  I spent many years of my life trying to keep my weight low and my confidence high. It was tough. After years of struggling, I knew there had to be a better way and I was determined to find it. In my early twenties, I started to read everything and anything I could get my hands on that could teach me about food and nutrition in “layman’s terms” and before I knew it, my journey towards “skinny” had taken a turn down a new path toward “healthy.”

Eventually, I decided to educate myself more formally and became certified by The MacDonald Center for Obesity Prevention and Education at Villanova School of Nursing so that I could aid others and myself in healthy eating. I went on from there to study with the International Association of Wellness Professionals to get a deeper certification into Holistic Health & Wellness that concentrated not only on healthy eating, but on the fundamentals of living a healthy lifestyle, including a BALANCE of nutritious foods, healthy movement, stress management, spiritual connections, relationship management and daily commitments.

As I gained a deeper understanding about how my WHOLE life contributed to my WHOLE health, I began to grow…in mind and spirit…and I was on my way to creating the healthiest me that I could ever have imagined. And I was HAPPIER than ever…and ready to help others get the same results!

I have learned so much on my own personal path to wellness and as I became a mom and a wife, nearly 15 years ago, I also began to learn how to help my family live healthier lifestyles, as well.  With focus on our health every day, we cook together, we move together, we are honest and open with one another, we keep our schedules as managed as we can and we try to stay on the positive side of things more often than not.

As a busy mom of three, ages, 12, 11 and 6, I understand the challenges of raising a HEALTHY FAMILY in our obesonogenic society. I see first-hand how the marketing of unhealthy products towards our children can affect their views on food and how their peers influence their willingness to make healthy choices. I understand the time constraints put on moms for healthy meal prep, shopping and cooking and how difficult it is to find time (and energy) to exercise ourselves….and our kids!

Based on my education and my experience, I decided to  create a simple system that can help all busy parents establish and accomplish the healthy lifestyle goals they have for their families! I offer this system through LIVE and VIDEO CONFERENCE WORKSHOPS, through PERSONAL ONE-ON-ONE COACHING and through GROUPS FACILITATED ON SOCIAL MEDIA.

I’ve learned over the years that the key to success and to stay on the path towards health is to set goals and to make it a priority to be healthy, to be in control of what eat and how we think and move, and to acknowledge how it feels when our bodies are operating in their optimal state. I am positive that WE CAN ACCOMPLISH THESE GOALS in ANY FAMILY with minimal effort once we set up a system in the home to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

This is not about getting “skinny;” this is about getting HEALTHY.  We are not perfect. We are not fitness models. We have bad days and we struggle sometimes.  But, we are also BUSY MOMS that want to give our families a healthy foundation that will stay with us as we go through life’s many ups and downs and as our kids grow into adults and are making these decisions on their own.  We are in this together!